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Military Suicide Study Conducted

Suicide Study
Enemy Within

Most people don’t think a study needs to be conducted to know that there are a lot of suicides in the military, especially in the Marine Corps. I personally believe that younger people are at higher risk for suicide, and thus, this explains a high risk in the Corps. But a general study has been conducted known as the University of Kentucky Suicide Bereavement Study, with the support of the MSRC. This study is focusing on determining specific elements:

The study is placing attention on two basic elements:

  • The numbers of Veteran’s who know a person who committed suicide.
  • What the reaction of the veterans are to the suicide experienced.

This study has included veterans, which includes National Guard service members and family members of service personnel. The volunteers are individuals who:

  • Veterans or the loved one of active duty personnel that has served within the past ten years.
  • Family members including spouses and adult children, who lost an active duty service member or veteran to suicide within the past five years.
  • National Guard service members and their family members.

The potential participants can be interviewed, if they reside in Kentucky in a private location at their convenience and for others the interviews can be done via Skype or Facetime.

Insomnia Study and Treatment

Another project that is funded by the MSRC, by Rebecca Bernert in California is, An Insomnia Intervention for Suicidal Behaviors in Military Veterans. This is a study involving non-pharmacological insomnia treatment for military personnel and veterans, who have returned from Iraq and are returning from Afghanistan. This study, which offers non-pharmacological insomnia treatment for present and past service members for a certain time limit is focusing on sleep disturbances having a potentially larger risk for thoughts of suicide.

The focus is on:

  • The symptoms of insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Poor quality of sleep

The Standford Mood Disorder Center, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Bernert Lab at Standford University School of Medicine is running the research that other studies have indicated sleep problems may be a warning sign or higher risk factor for service member or veteran suicides. The sleep issues and risk factor may be lowered with treatment and Project Serve is seeking service personnel and veterans who are seeking treatment for insomnia. if you are interested or know someone who wants to participate, please click here.