Psychological Malpractice

How Psychological Malpractice Occurs

When a person is suffering from severe depression, bipolar disorder, or extremely difficult time, the care they receive from a psychologist can be vital. However, when a patient is at a vulnerable time in their life and the psychologist is negligent in the care they provide, they can ultimately cause tremendous harm to the patient and the consequences can be immense.

Improper Care Can Lead to Wrongful Suicide

When a mental health professional does not pay close enough attention to the care of a patient, it can result in psychological malpractice. When there is a situation of an improper diagnosis, the neglect of a patient that is suicidal or the failure to provide a patient with adequate treatment, a negligence lawsuit may be filed.

Selecting an Experienced Attorney is Essential

Therapists or psychologists that are negligent in providing proper treatment to patients that are suicidal must be held responsible for their failure to provide adequate standard of care. Find a lawyer with a high rate of success in obtaining compensation amounts that families deserve.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention