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Massachusetts Case Builds Precedent for Cottage Wrongful Death Industry

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The headlines filled with the sad news out of Massachusetts over the death of Conrad Roy, just 18. He allegedly killed himself after his girlfriend, Michelle Carter (then 17), pushed him to the edge. Prosecutors allege this was intentional. Now with the case pushing forward, it builds more legal precedent.

ABC reported on the case, which riveted the Bay State. The state’s attorneys argue that Carter wanted attention and pushed Roy to the brink intentionally. The case is heartbreaking. As Roy exited in his truck filling with carbon monoxide, Carter told him to get back in. She never contacted his family or police. The prosecution believes she simply wanted to be known for having a boyfriend that died.

The Role of Litigation in Suicide Cases

To answer the question above: yes, the family in a case like this can sue. There are multiple similar cases. Take this one in Illinois, covered by the Chicago Tribune. The family of 16-year-old Corey Walgren sued the school and police over their son’s death. The dean’s office allegedly harassed him, causing him to end his life. The family requested $5 million. In another case covered by the Daily Astorian, a family sued after their loved one jumped off a bridge. The family alleges poor mental health care, which caused Carrie Barnhart’s death.

Types of Suicide Lawsuits

Since the circumstances around death are not always clear, there are multiple aspects we must consider. These include the underlying causes of the death as well as whether the other parties understood them. Furthermore, Ehline Law determines the responsibility the other party had for reasonable care.

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